Among the most popular souvenirs for friends and relatives there is the red and the white Sardinian Myrtle liquor. You can buy it homemade in family activities, in supermarkets or in specialized shop for local products. Sometimes the bottles are even covered by cork with colourful images of the Sardinian tradition. 

Other traditional souvenirs are hand-woven tapestries with symbolic patterns such as birds, flowers, peacocks, lapwings, grape clusters etc. Ceramic object are also among the most precious to offer. Many are modelled with a very modern style while others interpret ancient objects found in archaeological sites.

We can also organize a visit to a workshop.

Sardinia is the third largest producer of cork in the world and you may find garments, shoes, sandals, bracelets, bookmarks, copybooks, pens, cups and a wide variety of other objects made of cork or covered with a thin layer of this noble, eco-friendly long lasting material. Ladies may prefer some pieces of the traditional goldsmith like the Sardinian wedding-ring which is a hand-made filigree ring more and more offered also to sign other important events, as well as coral or filigree bracelets, earrings or necklaces.

Gentlemen usually choose among, typical spirits, wine bottles or handmade knives made by local artisans in Pattada or Arbus. Knives have handles made of bones or horns or special woods. Red local coral still plays a very important role in the Sardinian tradition and the most skilled craftsmen live and work in Alghero.

For any other object or craft traditions you may look for, not hesitate to ask me and I’ll suggest you the best area to find it.



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